Roger Kremer
Roger KremerMuay Thai Instructor
Roger Kremer has been coaching for four years at Stray Dogs Club. Roger started training in 2008, boxing for two years in Snohomish under Darrell Stubblefield, who was an alternate in the 1984 Olympics. Darrell was also a National Boxing Champion, who has well over three hundred bouts. Transitioning into Muay Thai in 2010, being introduced to world renowned striker Master Saohin Srisuk, a former 118 lbs. and 126 lbs. PABA Boxing and a Muay Thai Champion with a record of 88 fights, 70 wins, 18 loses, 47 KOs from Thailand. Roger was awarded his Black parjard band from Master Saohin Srisuk on 4/27/13. Stray Dogs Club offers Srisuk Muay Thai under the direct tutelage of the champ himself! Roger also has had the privilege to train with Master Thong Armatsena, former head striking coach for Urijah Faber’s Team Alpha Male and former UFC welterweight contender, Martin “Hitman” Kampmann. Roger runs the striking at Stray Dogs Club with fellow instructor Angel “Dirty” Sanchez, a local Monroe native & fighter!

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